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Strategic Innovations.

A community of dedicated intellectuals driving positive change and advancing Ghana's progress. Harnessing the power of talents, human capacity development, technology management, and strategic collaborations, we do the needful.


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NDC - Championing Social Democracy in Ghana

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) is at the forefront of Ghana's social democracy for nation building, championing social justice, equitable development, and inclusive governance. Join the NDC in creating a prosperous and fair society, where all Ghanaians have access to quality education, healthcare, and opportunities for a brighter future.


Inspired by Kwame Nkrumah - Advancing Pan-African Social Democracy

Inspired by the visionary leadership of Kwame Nkrumah, Ghana's first President and a staunch advocate of Pan-African social democracy. We are committed to advancing social justice, economic empowerment, and inclusive governance, aligning with Nkrumah's transformative ideals of unity, liberation, and progress.


Jerry John Rawlings -
A champion of Social Democracy in Ghana

Former President in Ghanaian politics and the founder of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), championed principles aligned with social democracy. He committed to social justice, poverty reduction, and equitable development.


I Am Because We Are -
Our Intellectual Community Foundation

Ubuntu philosophy forms the foundation of our community of intellectuals. Guided by the principles of interconnectedness, compassion, and shared responsibility, we come together to drive positive change.

Voter Data Management
Implement a robust voter data management system to collect, store, and analyze voter information
Website and App Development
We develop brand website and community management mobile apps for political purposes.
Robocalls and Text Messaging
Implement automated calling systems and text messaging platforms to reach a large number of voters quickly.
Digital Advertising and Social Media Management
Develop and manage digital advertising campaigns across Google Ads, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
Voter Data Collation and Management
Using technology and robust processes we collate voters results of elections and provide real time results.
Voters Research and Reporting
Engaging with local communities, organizing volunteers, and conducting grassroots researches for an advantage.
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"On behalf of our passionate and dedicated team, I extend a warm welcome to you. We are more than just a group of intellectuals; we are a community united by a common vision. I encourage you to explore our initiatives and join us on our transformative journey.  Thank you for visiting Akatamanso."

Joe Frempong
Team Lead